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Friday, June 26, 2009

An angel is now in heaven

Today had been a sad day.

Two beautiful superstars had died on the same day. But I was very sad for the death of Michael Jackson. Something was not going right at all with his comeback. It’s been said that he was on an ongoing physical training and all that. But I remember, just a few months ago, there’s been pictured revealed where we could see Michael Jackson in a wheelchair, followed by his children. On those pictures, he was wearing a chirurgical mask and he was looking skinny. His skin was also very white. How come a few months after it’s been announced a big comeback with several shows in London and how come he had been set on an ongoing physical training? So many questions remain without any answers. And it is so dramatic.

Maybe this comeback was representing too much work and maybe it had caused his heart failure. It was also said that he was suffering from skin cancer. Regarding his physical training, I read somewhere over the Internet that Michael Jackson had been see healthy enough to follow a physical training. But what if it wouldn’t be the case? Was there anyone to take care of him? What went wrong? I just don’t understand.

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