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Monday, June 22, 2009

Horrible Monday for the TSX... and me!

I taught we were on the road for recovery, but once again, TSX lost more than 300 points and is currently under 10 000 points. Very awful. I won’t be able to hit the 50 000$ value in investments if TSX keep falling like that. Anyway, life goes on. I was feeling tired this morning so I just slept in. Not that my weekend was that exhausting. This weekend was horrible at work because of a lack of numbers. No one wanted to answer the survey. And I don’t want to burn myself on stupidly like job searching lol. I am in a position where I can choose and at the same time, not... lol. But I know my problem.

Usually, I am full of energy; I can work and work and work. Money $$$ like crazy in my banking account. But now, nothing is working for me. And this morning, after seeing the TSX falling again, it makes me feel kind of sick. I should be stronger by now. It’s not the first time I am seeing the TSX losing points. But I cannot help it, each time the TSX fall, it make me feel bad. Sad for myself and my investments. And especially now, I taught it was going to be fine…

And check this out, yesterday for lunch, I wanted to go to the restaurant. Once there, my TD card, which only holds my credit line, had been refused! I had reached the limit! I have around 47$ in cash in my TD Waterhouse broker account. I just transfer 10$ on my TD credit line this morning. I don’t like when my limit is almost reach. My latest investment, 23 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel (DNI) really took it off! But at least the value of the investment remains stable at 3 cents. Dumont Nickel rock lol!

I should be able to do more things tomorrow. For now, I still have my evening job and, good news, some overtime was available this last Friday and also for this weekend. I love the stability of that job. At least one thing is doing fine.

At the end, I should be able to make things work out.

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