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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long road for recovery

Real-life story in recession time

On Friday evening at work, I had the call of this man after hours asking to refill his account… I proceed like I always do. After what, he told me about his recent laid-off. I could feel all the pain and distress in his voice. The eternal enthusiastic that I am told him not to worry, that he was in the Toronto area and that it will be easy for him to find a new job since he was in the Toronto area. In resume, I told him what I always taught of Toronto: Toronto is the best place in Canada for work. Don’t forget I also have my banking account on Ontario side.

My customer replied by saying that many people like him had lost their jobs in the Toronto area and that there were thousands of job seekers right now who were now searching for work. I continue to encourage him by saying, in my broken English, that everything will be find. I wish him good luck and we hang up…

My life in recession time: I could have it harder

Not that I am that disconnect of reality, I lost one of my jobs this year myself. I had been job seeking many times in my life and I find that the best way to go through a job search is to think that you are the only job seeker on earth and forget about all the others that may have applied to the same job as yourself… I always find my best jobs by sending resumes to company without asking a specific position and without answering job offers. I didn’t perform any job searching that specific way since I had been in Montreal. It’s been pretty chaotic since I had been here and I had been on an “emergency” job seeking about 2 years or so ago, and I had been working at the 2 jobs I have currently ever since. Problem became pretty rough when I was out of job and I didn’t to sale my investments for my living. This emergency job searching had been the best thing I had ever did even if I am not using any of my skills I got a student loan for. Anyhow, 2008 had been one those years and 2009 – which is not even close to be over yet – had been so far like a ride in a roller coaster.

I certainly can understand this man suffering. After repeating plenty of time that I will be seriously job searching for good job well, I didn’t. I send my resume to one place, got a call, I should be motivate by that – receiving a call after only sending one resume but it’s actually didn’t do anything. But its help my spirit.

My lazyness comes from several things:

-Hot summer weather
I have real problem to work in the hot summer weather. I cannot support the heat.

-I almost reach my 50 000$ goal in investment
And I cannot believe it!!! I find it almost enough for me. That’s another part why I am getting lazy.

-I enjoy being at home and doing nothing, blogging, surfing the net, watching the TSX among other. It’s almost better than watching TV.

But this laziness won’t stay in for long as I got myself organize this evening – usual home stuff that need to be done and by tomorrow or Monday, I should be able to send resume all over the place. I actually spot a couple of jobs offer in call center – as surprising as its sound; I actually just love to work in a call center.

I also recently calculate my overall debts. This is currently another job “emergency” kind of thing. Luckily, I don’t have too much of debts and I could be easily clear off within a year if only I work seriously into it.

My love for Montreal

I could have been refer to work for Desjardins. But Desjardins is way too much of Quebec b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t at the same SPOT for me lol. Did you know that at Desjardins some Vice Presidents are, in real-life, couples? Another great Quebec realization to be place right next to the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.

Back in January or February 2008, I wanted to turn the Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund investment I have into a RRSP investment, and I was not aloud to go so, while I had been able to do the exact same operation with RBC and CIBC for other funds I had with them. Desjardins might be the largest financial cooperative group in Canada, but within the years, Desjardins had turn out the institution from who I had the worst banking experience of my life. Desjardins is one of the worst out there. And ever in my life I want to work for Desjardins.

Gees, I worth almost 50 000$ in investment, that’s a lot of cash and no one have the right to refuse me something. Understand? lol...

Anyway, since that time, I didn’t invest with Desjardins and I won’t ever invest with Desjardins, ever again.

Anyway, never after I had graduated from high school I stay more than 2 years at the same place. But here in Montreal, it is so nice that’s sometime; you can almost forget that you are in Quebec Province. Montreal is actually that awesome!!

Enjoyable reading in recession time

Just like Derek Foster that I kind of love and hate at the same time, Ernie J. Zelinski had retired at an early age. He is the author of multiple books on retirement and stuff. Learn how to Love a recession with Ernie J. Zelinski. A free E-book from Ernie Z, bestselling Canadian authors, Love a recession because what’s free is fun. I love this recession because it’s during the hardest recession time ever that I will probably be able to reach my first 50 000$.

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