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Friday, February 25, 2011

A 17.78% gain for DNI Metals (DNI)

I had been holding my stocks of DNI Metals (DNI) or Dumont Nickel (DNI) (I actually preferred the old name) for quite some time. Back in 2009, this was supposed a quick buy-and-sell to make out some money for the summer. It was supposed to be the money for sandals and one or 2 summer dress. But the dream ever happens. Back in the summer of 2009, I wasn’t able to sell DNI in order to make the profit wanted. All I wanted was a 200$-300$ profit. Not more than that. But it never happens. Despite the desperation, I did what I do best: buy and hold. I had been now holding DNI Metals (DNI) for something like close to 3 years.

I initially invested 690$ (+ 29$ commission fee) in Dumont Nickel. Currently, my investment in DNI Metals (DNI) worth 761.88$. Nothing to be very excited about, but a gain of 17.78% is absolutely awesome. I personally think that DNI can go higher than just 26.5 cents. I don’t have any explanation on today DNI Metals (DNI) fantastic gain. This very strange knowing that we are in the middle of the winter and I guess that, well, for metal exploitation, this is not the greatest time of the year, right? But some financial statement had appeared earlier in February for DNI and I guess that investors had been pleased with what they had read. Because no, I didn’t read DNI Metals (DNI) most recent financial statement. I am a long time investor of DNI and whatever happens to DNI, I accept it, I hold no matter what. Reason behind is that I don’t have anything to lose. Remember, this is a 719$ worth investment.

Today marks more than 100 trades for DNI. Usually, we only count 10 or so trades per day on DNI Metals (DNI). Something is going on and we are soon going to find out what. To sell now is not a good idea because a lot is going on for DNI Metals (DNI). DNI Metals (DNI) Alberta exploitation seem to be ongoing. My feeling is that DNI can reach the 30 cents per stock or even more. I like the way this is going on because the gains for DNI had been continuous and steady. It’s not like the stock hit the 26 cents to immediately go back to the 20 cents or something like it. That’s why I like the feeling of the recent DNI gain. At this time, I will continue to hold DNI and wait for something extraordinary to happen, just as for everything else.


dmorris said...

Good on you for holding this stock, it may had not paid off in your short term horizon but it might be one of the best performers this year. I have DNI as well and I have done much reading on this company, currently market cap of 8 million and has the potential to be 100 million, lots of room to move from here. Trump- Saskatoon

Sunny said...

Hi Darren,

I am very happy with DNI recent gains. Finally! I wait for about 3 years to totally recover from the stock crash of 2008... I wait about the same period to begin to make gain out from DNI...

I always knew there was something about DNI. That's why I never sell it. It's just like if you would had told me to get rid of my portfolio, sell DNI and everything else, out of the question.

And it's seem like I was right about DNI... WOW! From 8 to 100 million????

That's a 12.5 X gain. Does it mean the stock price will increase of 12.5 times when market cap reach 100 million? 12.5 x current stock value of 0.265$ = 3.3125$...

Can you imagine, that could make a 9 523.44$ profit just for me...

We'll see who it goes.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

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