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Thursday, February 17, 2011

RIP, may the light be with you

Today, my uncle who has suffering from Pakinson disease died in my little hometown of New Brunswick at the age of 64. In June, he would had been 65. It's not a tragic event in a way, as my uncle was in the terminal phase of Pakinson. His body was not answering him anymore. He could talked but it was difficult to understand him. He could no longer walked or eat normal meals since quite some time. The Parkinson disease my uncle had has nothing to do with the type of Parkinson Micheal Fox suffered from. There's absolutely nothing common between the two, this being said very quickly, without knowing anything much more than what I know from the actor condition. Back to the Future is my favorite movie of all time. Knowing Micheal Fox was suffering from Parkinson disease was such a shocked. As for my uncle, he had worked with different chemical products all of his working life and he could not had been as careful that he should. Maybe. I know the environment has something to do about Parkinson.

My uncle died today at 5:15pm Atlantic Time. It was 4:15pm here in Montreal. An hour before his dead, I was happily trading online, making big bucks from my sell of PHS.U. When I sell PHS.U, the silver units were at their highest value ever, 14.04$. I did the sell at 3:16pm exactly. And hour after, my uncle was diying. And it feel like it was my uncle last gift before he died. My uncle had always been so generous for me and my brother when we were children. He was bringing pen, papers, markers he was getting for free from work for us. Me and my brother were playing for hours on the Nintendo games belonging to his children. I also remember watching the movie E.T. at his place with my family. At a time, he was the only one who had a video player. I also remember his pets. I had done some home cleaning job when I was a teenager at his house. He had 2 sons, well employed. Today and yesterday, everything was put together to help me reach my investment goal. And yesterday, well, yesterday was the day of the 150k goal (and close to 70k in debt). But that's another story.

With the lost of my uncle, it's a part of my childhood who's going away and its feel like it will never be the same and I feel like going away from this damn Quebec province and get the hell out of here and never come again could be the right thing to do.

But than what?

With my latest investment in WTE.UN, I had reached the equivalent of 625$ per month in dividend income. I won't get a straight 625$ per month, I know what, because some companies I hold pay a dividend on a quarterly basis. I won't go far with 625$ per month in my pocket, but it's more than what I need to make the minimum payment on my debt.

Life is not good for me in Quebec province. I always had a kind of luck in everything, but this time, here in Quebec, I am loosing myself. I can't get a good job and nothing is good. My salary revision was due back in November 2010. Nothing since that time, and I ask many times. How long am I going to wait to get what I want? Am I going to loose my time here in Quebec forever?

Moving include a lot of things. I had accumulated a lot of things and I would need to move everything from here to my hometown. It's not like I just have a suitcase and I can go on a run, unfortunately.

Moving back home in New Brunswick could worked out, but that would be like I would gave up on everything and say: I quite. My problem back home would be to find employment. Also, I don't drive and well, there's no public transportation where I live... The problems are gigantic. It's almost like there's no way to end the misery. But doing a Stop Working on an annual 7 500$ make me laugh, in a way. Other than that, I don't know what to do.


Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to year of your loss. But you have many happy memories of your uncle, and those are what you should hang on to.
Best wishes,

Sunny said...

Thanks Paul. It's going on a lot better now.

I was able to take 2 weeks of vacations from my job. So its going to be nice to see my family and do some fishing in New Brunswick :)

The Dividend Ninja said...

Sunny my condolences are with you, I lost my Grandmother on the 9th. As Paul said, you have the happy memories to keep :)

Sunny said...

Hi Dividend Ninja,

Thanks for the kind words.

Sorry for the lost of your grandma.


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