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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New trades: WTE.UN

I sell 300 units of PHS.U at 14.04$ and I just buy 200 stocks of WTE.UN at 23.11$. I am very happy since this new investment will add up to my dividend income. 178$ x 2 = 356$. I did an amazing profit with PHS.U.


Pete said...

What I don't understand is why you don't just pay off all your debts by selling some stock and then you will be making 100% profit going forward?

Sunny said...

Hi Pete, because if I do, I won't have 150k in assets, I won't have 625$ per month equivalent in dividend. I want leverage.

Pete said...

Leverage will leave you very exposed if there is a market downside

Also dividends are pointless because they absorb your capital for very little annual return...with a growth stock like bidu or aapl you would get that 4% dividend return in a month or less from just growth

Anonymous said...

Leverage is good if used correctly. Sunny is using it correctly.

Glad I could help increase your dividends with the WTE.UN lead I provided to you.

Bloated on Dividends


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