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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am now at 147 145.43$

Which mean I am only missing 2 854.57$ before hitting the 150k! This weekend, I wanted to update my portfolio because of recent changes. but I never taught I was going to make some huge gains without any other fund being add. No new money had been add in, but some changes had been made.

Highlights on recent portfolio changes

I had been holding more than 3 000$ in the RBC O’Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund for quite some time. I was holding my RBC O’Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund units in the TFSA. I decided to sell the units and cash in the cash outside the TFSA. The sell was made very quickly and the next morning, the money was available in my chequing account. After what, I decided to invest in 200 stocks of Colabor Group Inc. (GCL) and 200 stocks of Student Transportation (STB).

Also, I don't know if you have notice, but my Maritime Life Trimark Europlus Seg Fund had now become Manulife GIF MLIA B World Invest. The Maritime Life Trimark Europlus Seg Fund.

Again with RBC, I had a 1 000$ GIC in my RRSP that arrives on its due date. That was a 1 000$ of 3 years that didn't generate any money: 0$! That GIC was link to the TSX index. It was a major deception to learn that my GIC did not generate any income. But guess what? From now on, I will no longer invest in GIC.

I invest the 1 000$ in the RBC Global Precious Metals Fund. Within a week, the investment provided me a gain of 27.38$! Much better! Eventually, I will proceed with some other changes in my RRSP holding.

Following those changes, my portfolio gain 1 864.30$, despite the TSX closing at 13 791.85 points (-49.49).

Good news as well for my Internet income which is slowly going up! Thanks for your support! I should received a 145$ payment for the month of January. I also begin to use Swagbucks a bit more. Each time I reach 700 points (by mostly using the Swagbucks search online and by watching their videos in my free time). I am now at more than 1000 points. For each trench of 700 points, I qualify to a 5$ payout... Not much, but Swagbucks is fun to use and there's also plenty of prizes other than cash that can be order. Swagbucks is free to join. I hope to be able to reach the 200$ in online income soon... 

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