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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eric Sprott Physical Silver PHS.U Rock

What did I told you about the Sprott Physical Silver (PHS.U)??? I knew it! PHS.U is now at 15$ per unit. This bring in an immediate profit of 56.40$, but I won't sell my units of PHS.U now.

That's the power of silver.

If you had made an investment mistake, and look for a way to catch up and recover, well, PHS.U is the perfect investment for that!

Go go go!



Pete said...

The thing I don't understand about leverage dividends is that most dividend is 4% and leverage interest is 4.75% at td

the interest is more than the dividend yield equals lose money

Sunny said...

Hi Pete,

I was soooooo happy today when I saw PHS.U exceeding the 15$ per unit!!! I can easily imagine PHS.U hitting the 16$ per unit very very soon if things continue this way.

Dividend investment is not easy. It's very difficult to find some good dividend yield with a quality stock. Just Energy remains one of my best pick, among with PBH and a few other.

It's easy to focus only on high dividend yield and forget about quality.

I am with TD. My margin is at 4.25%, from what I was told but it's true that the interest rate do not appear anywhere in my account...

Anyhow, dividend investing is not easy. At a point, I am getting tired of my life and I would like to get rid of everything and start all over again. I could do so as I am still young, but this is just to give the idea that yeah, dividend and investment can be a **** in the a** lol.... But its really that

While investing in dividend stock, everything can happen, the stock market change, you have to follow the companies you invest in and you have to deal with your mistakes. My most recent one was in SPB. I was in love with the 13% or something like it dividend yield. I sell my holding, loss around 200$, reinvest the money and more in the PHS.U.

PHS.U is not a dividend investment. I had been investing in PHS.U since November 2010 and I can say it very loudly: I made hundreds of dollars on the silver of Sprott.

PHS.U could be one of the best investment ever at this time. Not that there's no risk associate with it, but in those precious times, I think everyone should invest in it. It help to compensate for money loss in bad investment and more than everything else well, I made great money out of the PHS.U, so everyone can make money out of the PHS.U.

This one of Sprott is more than awesome, its phenomenal! But keep that for yourself ok?

PHS.U is my investment secret. It's all mine :0)


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