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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome to The Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN), 600 units of DGI.UN in my portfolio

Many portfolio changes again today! I noticed that the price of PHS.U was up... so I decided to sell 300 units of Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) at 13.72$. Just the day before, I had purchased 400 units at 13.49$. This make a little profit of 69$, enough to cover the commissions on my latest stock transactions I guess. PHS.U is fun to hold, but it doesn't pay any dividend... After reading about Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN), I found the company very great and I decided to invest in 600 units, at 6.66$ (not the exact price mention in previous post)... DGI.UN pay a good dividend and its seem to be a good hold for now.

I may sell some units of PHS.U again, but at this time, all those stocks trading exhausted me, in the sense that I don't have any time left to do anything else. I am very happy to only be working part-time at this time. Another advantage of working part-time only: Less money, less tax to pay...

With the recent changes made to my stock portfolio, I am now at 7 149.97$ in dividend income outside the RRSP (equivalent of 595.83$). Of course, I am looking forward to increase my dividend income. Having a dividend income can be kind of tricky because it can be dangerous to ONLY focus on the dividend income, and forgive about the importance of diversification. I could easily reach the 8 400$ (that being the equivalent of a 700$ per month) in dividend income, but that would just increase the level of risk I am taking.

Example: I could invest more in Superior Plus Corporation (SPB) who provided investor a dividend yield of more than 13%. I already hold 200 stocks in SPB and, from my point of view, it's enough. I read on forums some investors comments saying that they would invest in SPB if the company would be paying a reasonable yield. Because for some investors, a very high yield is a stay away alert... But that make sense in a certain way.

I promised you a new dividend payer company, and here it is: Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation (WTE.UN). Its been shared by a reader who told me that the company is hold by one of the richest man in Canada. My first reading gave me the impression that WTE.UN is an important company in Canada, but I cannot say much more at this time.

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