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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am now at 151 053.11$

I didn't do any trades today. I just update my portfolio now. I was very curious on how much I was now since the amount for the rent of February, among other, had been debited from my savings. Even while having less in savings, I was able to reach the 150k, I even exceed it.

Currently, I hold 151 053.11$ in assets, 68 988.68$ in debt, 3 409.95$ in annual interest for the debt and 7 481.29$ in annual dividend income (non registered, TFSA + RRSP).

I am satisfy with those numbers of course, but I could worked at increasing my dividend income without adding new money to my portfolio, but that's something for later. The next natural goal would be to "my first" 200 000$... The 200k sound easy. My weekend job should be back in service in 1 or 2 weeks from now. I will focus on paying some debt.

My net worth is at a good 82 064.43. In the next couple of weeks, I will try to increase my net worth value by paying off some debt. While updating my debt section, I was surprised, because I am exceeding the 65 000$ in debt and I taught that I was close or around 65 000$, but never did I taught I was exceeding the 65 000$ of 3 thousands more... Having debt do not bother me, but since I now have what I wanted (150k in assets), well, time to pay off some debt...

WOW. This is really me saying that!!!!!

This time, I am serious about paying debt, even if it would be just a couple hundred of dollars per month. To invest, I can find thousands of dollars very easily but when it come to pay debt... it's another story. BUT... It's important to pay off debt. Remember my credit card balance transfer at 4.9% that is ending on April 2011... Debt is a reality, but also my 2010 tax declaration. I may have a couple of hundred to pay for my taxes. Debt is a reality that I can't no longer ignore.

Life is hard at this time for the Dividend Girl. I am working part-time only. Life is hard in the sense hard to make more than the minimum payment on all of my credit products. My weekend job should started within the next 2 weeks or so from what I was told. Everything happen just for a reason: TO PAY OFF DEBT. I have to keep that idea in mind and stop injecting new money to my portfolio.

Today was the day of my 150k, I need to celebrate.

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