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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I just sell my stocks of Superior Plus Corp. (SPB)

Hello investors!

Directly from New Brunswick, I sell my stocks of Superior Plus Corp. (SPB) for an amount of 2 252$, 11.31$ per stock. Selling was the only way out as I could not continue very long with Superior Plus Corp. (SPB). Too stressful.

I also sell my stocks of BA, for an amount of 5 430.25$ (26.75$ per stock) and I reinvested the money in 470 units of the Sprott Physical Silver (PHS.U) at 14.88$. I know I can make good money out of PHS.U. I wanted to sell BA just to be able to use the money for leverage in PHS.U. If I sell BA, it was only to have more cash available to invest in PHS.U. So watch out for silver, it's my next big thing!

Got to go for now.


Ron said...

You have been trading quite a bit lately, seems to be getting off your plan. All that trading usually don't help your returns. Remember the Derek Foster way is to buy quality dividend paying stocks and keep them.

As much as silver and gold can be tempting right now, be careful not to chase hot stocks of the moment. Sometimes investing is boring. I try not to look at the profit I lost by not holding stocks but protecting my capital by staying on plan.

Sunny said...

I agree with everything you said here.

A buy-and-hold situation can turn to be very boring. I love my latest investments. There's just 2 investments I mess up with: SPB and FTN. Not mess up exactly, but they were not exactly good investments for the type of investor that I am.

I had been able to catch up by investing in PHS.U. Investing in silver and gold for a short buy and sell is perfect to renew with some little loss.

Overall at this point, I am satisfy with my portfolio. I just want to apply other little changes on a later or sooner date.

I plan to sell out PHS.U and maybe X, TD and some SII and reinvest in other dividend payer stocks.

Actually, the reason behind all the recent trades is that I want to make sure that I am doing the best I can for my money. I want to generate the highest dividend income possible with what I have right now as portfolio. But always putting the dividend income at first is very wrong, because it can kill the balance in the portfolio.

I did ok so far, its just I want to explore what else can be done for the 150k+ in assets I hold. That's really all what it is at this time for me. About exploration and dividend income.


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