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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello 3 071.49$ in cash from my sell of RBC O’Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund

I received the money from my sell of RBC O’Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund this morning. Just like I expected it, I had received 3 071.49$ in my chequing account, outside my TFSA. I announced some investment I was going to make, but I decided to take off my list Veresen Inc. (VSN), TDb Split Corp. (XTD) and Provident Energy Ltd. (PVE). Just for now.

One of my reader post about a company name Student Transportation (STB). I find the company very great, something very stable and what Jean-François Tardif would probably comment on the same way he did for EnerCare Inc. (ECI) a too long time ago: something very conservative in the sense of stable and strong. In French, I would had used the word "pépère". And this is exactly what I need. A "pépère" investment. And talking about Jean-François Tardif, I don't know if you have notice, but his Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) had performed extremely well lately: the price stock now exceed the 15$!  I am very happy to hold this investment, but 2009-2010 hasn't been easy for Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) in the sense that I found personally that the stock price was a bit volatile. But I stick and hold and now, tadam, hello good wonderful profit and thank you Jean-François Tardif, whenever you are on earth. Thank you.

Tomorow morning, I plan to invest in the following:

200 stocks of Colabor Group Inc. (GCL) for an approximate value of 2 392$
Dividend yield: 9%
Dividend income: 215.20$

200 stocks of Student Transportation (STB) for an approximate value of 1 274$
Dividend yield: 8.76%
dividend income: 112$

After what, my annual dividend income for 2011 will be of 7 301.83$ (probably). I may invest again later on when my 500 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) will be sell. But until that time, a 7 301.83$ in dividend income is enough for me. I have a feeling I can easily reach the 8k without any trouble. It is really that easy. And hello dividend cash. $$$

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