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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to use Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) to leverage your finance

Today I wake up and the day start on a strange way: I decided to sell more than 400 units of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). This was the first time I was selling some stocks of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). Why did I decide to sell some units of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE)?

The value of JE in my portfolio was exceeding the 16 000$. Following my last purchase of 300 stocks of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) not too long ago, a reader said that I might be holding too much in Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). I took the decision to sell some stocks of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) not because I no longer belive in the company, but because I felt important to reconsider my latest investment in JE. Fact is, 16 000$ is quite some money. I find it incredible to hold that much in one single company (considering the current state of my portfolio).

Also, I wanted to sell some JE in order to extend my portfolio in other area, without knowing about what I would like to invest next... I still own some stocks of Just Energy, I will always be an investor in JE. I love Just Energy! And for a couple of days, my dream was a reality: I had been holding more than 1 000 stocks in JE, my dream had came true... for a couple of

Following the sell of some stocks of JE, I decided, to invest in 25 stocks of TD (yep, I had invested in my favorite bank, finally!) and 400 units of PHS.U. Why did I pick those 2 investments? Well, what I am looking for is leverage. With those 2 investments, chances are that I will be able to register some great gain on a relatively short period of time. That's the deal. That's what I want: MONEY lol.

Seriously, I know I can make great money out of the Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) because I already made great money through the Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U). Back in November 2010, I had purchased 200 units of PHS.U at 10.73$! Currently, the units are at 13.46$! We are talking here about a profit of 546$! Very good!

I never own some TD stocks before, but I am very proud to be a new TD Canada Trust (TD) investor, even for the extra tiny amount of stocks purchase. I can easily see TD stock hit the 80$+ without too much trouble.

That's the changes that happen today in my portfolio. But that's not all, because some other changes could happen soon? Why? Well today, I may be single on Valentine Day, writing this post. But where is my Valentine? lol.. BUT, I had received an email from a reader giving me a great opportunity in a company that I never heard before: DATA Group Income Fund (DGI.UN). The fund is what it is, it's an income fund, it could be the only one left inside the TSX. I don't know.

Despite the fact that I am holding several companies, adding another one to the bunch is just a benefit, because it's add to the diversification of the asset. I don't have a specific diversification scheme, but I like to have a diversify portfolio and I think that, even at this time, I hold a diversify portfolio. When I have to leave home to go to work, I feel comfortable leaving the stock market behind, because I know my portfolio is diversify.

I will post more about DATA Group Income Fund (DGI.UN) on a later date. In the meantime, you can do your own search. You'll see, the dividend yield is very great!!

Don't forget: life is about getting what you want.

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