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Monday, February 14, 2011

About my latest stock investment in TMX Group Inc. (X)

I had been lucky enough to catch TMX Group Inc. (X) when its stock price was at 41.97$. Whit this investment, I am looking to get the same thing as for my investment in EnCana Corporation (ECA): good quality grow and some dividend among the way. Back in the time, I was able to purchase 200 stocks of EnCana Corporation (ECA) at 29.59$. It was a great bargain. I don't think EnCana Corporation (ECA) while go down to 29.59$ any time soon. My initial investment of 5 918$ in EnCana currently worth 6 237$, for a 319$ profit. EnCana close Friday at 31.03$.

As for now, I want to hold ECA because I am pretty sure it ECA will reach 35$ per unit soon and, for long term, I am looking for a 40$ per stock. Does it mean I will sell EnCana when it reached 35$-40$ per stock? No because it's a quality stock in natural resources and on top of that, it's a Derek Foster stock. And remember, ECA was once at 60$+, it could hit the 60$ per stock again when the TSX hit back its old 15 000 points like in 2008, before the stock crash.

When it come to TMX Group Inc. (X), it's a different story. At more than 40$ per stock, my investment in TMX represent quite some money. A lot of money that I don't have in form of real cash. I used some of my margin money to place this stock purchase. At this point, my using of margin is balance. I had borrowed 28 013$ of my margin. I still have available close to 35 000$ available on my margin. I feel comfortable with those numbers.

This 28 013$ include the 5 000$ that I use to pay off my line of credit. If I feel the market is getting volatile, I can at anytime transfer the money back in my margin account. I feel my margin is well balance yes, but under no circumstances, I cannot place any other stock purchase order using my margin money. That could be potentially dangerous. I am willing to take the risk with the current holdings I have, but I cannot handle more risk.

Why did I suddenly decide to invest in TMX Group Inc. (X)? Well, on February 9, 2011, TMX Group Inc. (X) discuss merger with the London Stock Exchange Group. Without knowing more than that, I knew this was something very important and we could possibly consider the date of February 9, 2011 as an historic event, prior to the actual merger.

The deal is not completed yet, as Ontario and Quebec provinces are the only 2 players left that need to agree in order to close the merger. If Quebec province refused, I suggest to kick out Quebec province from Canada. No more problem. No more time wasted. Stephen Harper had spend so much time trying to satisfy the fools, its awful. Now, time to satisfy us Canadian workers-investors. We are going to make millions out of this. And watch out for very awesome profit for TMX Group Inc. (X). And by the way, Quebeckers are not smart enough to be in charge of something as important as financial regulation. It's should be a federal jurisdiction. We are one country, one currency, one federal power. Rock on Canada. Make be become rich $$$.


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