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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Brunswick fishes and Superior propane

That’s right… what you are seeing here are fresh fishes directly coming out of a New Brunswick lake… I am enjoying a few more days here somewhere in the north of New Brunswick before going back to Montreal with my mom. She really wants to come with me for a few days. My only problem is the money related to her stay at my place. Not that it will cost her that much. However, I will have to pay the metro for her and myself to every single place that she wants to visit. And expenses annoy me. And she annoys me too.

My mom doesn’t understand exactly what I do. She told me that the brother of my father lost around 25k in stock last year and went back to work to cover up. And my own mom told me that he’s intelligent, had a good career in telecommunication etc. But the poor man had lived in Quebec province all of his working life. I mean, something like that just f*** the brain. Don’t you think so? If an intelligent man had loss big money in the stock market, I could loss big myself too... Like wow... that’s pretty good, the level of confident she has in me. But I knew such comments were about to come from her mouth sooner or later now that she knows about my financial situation. And that’s why I ever barely come home or visit. I don’t want to have to deal with her, even if she’s my mom. I know the way she is. It will never change. 

And by the way, I am too smart to lose 25k in the stock market. Get that in your head.

I had lost money of course and I will probably again, but the gain had exceeded the money lost. I can deal and I know how to handle the risk. That’s all I can say.

Other few things are going on. I applied for jobs, I hope for a positive response and if so well, I will be able to leave Quebec province FOREVER and leave the freaks and the stupid Quebec sovereignist behind. Quebec province, well, Stephen Harper won’t ever say it himself, but Quebec province is a shame for the rest of Canada. I really hope that one day Quebec will separate, so no Canadians have to deal with Quebec stupidity, the same I had to deal with.

To skip directly for happier news: for the month of February, I made 141.75$ online from Google famous program. I haven’t been much active during the month of February on my blog and HubPages, so I don’t know if I will be able to make the payout for the month of March. Anyhow, that doesn’t really matter. I also made 10$ so far from Swagbucks, but I didn’t request my payment yet. I taught about accumulate more points in order to purchase something on With Swagbucks program, 700 points = 5$ PayPal payout and 450 points = 5$ Amazon online certificate. Gift certificates are both available for and At this point, I am just looking forward to accumulate more points. It’s a nice hobby, once you start, you’ll see, you’ll get addicted to Swagbucks.

Yep, I had snapped a pic of a Superior propane tank! I find this very funny, especially knowing that I recently sell 200 stocks of SPB. Bye bye Superior!


Anonymous said...

Why did you sell SPB? They pay a good dividend and they will probably be going up in 2014 after they have paid off their bonds which become due then.

Sunny said...

Hi there,

I see your view, but SPB was too much stress to handle for me. I need stocks I can rely on without having to be scare of if the investment will loose money. SPB was just not a good investment for the type of small investor that I am.

Also, remember that I hold more than 70k in debt. I cannot afford loosing money in the stock market.

I prefer something stable. Better for my mental health. I wasn't going to hold SPB until 2014... NO way.

But I guess your view might be right. Just stick with what you believe. SPB was too difficult for me. Seeing the value crash, dividend cut... NO NO NO. Enough.

I previously lost great deal of money in investments. Most of them recover, but not my Timminco... I don't want the history to repeat. I don't want to live another Timminco disaster.

When I feel trouble or have a doubt about something I sell. Taking action is better than doing nothing. Sometime, a sell can release from unwanted stress as well.

SPB yes, but its not for me.


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