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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New trades: Welcome DGI.UN

I just sell 300 units of PHS.U at 13.72$ and buy 600 units of DGI.UN at 6.65$.


Arunan said...

I strongly believe that DGI.UN is a very good pick for short term (1 year), but reduce some stock when they reach around $8.50 and buy them back if they go back below $6.50 (swing).

Nowadays you are making very exciting moves. I glad that you reduced some JE because keep $16000 in one stock is not a good idea for small investors like us. May be you can keep 10000 JE once you reach $10 million assets :))

savage said...

I bought DGI.UN today as well. Also another one for you to review is CPA.UN... looks like a high yield at a good price.

Sunny said...

Thanks all! I am lucky to have good Investors-readers. I also received another good company to invest in yesterday. I will write about it this evening.

pattirose said...

I picked up some DGI.UN today after reading your blog, also bought some AVF.

Sunny said...

Hi PattiRose!

Nice to hear you invest in DGI.UN today yourself too :)

Ramesh Rajan said...

Here is another bit of good news from Reuters on DGI.UN.

Feb 14 (Reuters) - : * TD Newcrest resumes coverage of Data Group Income Fund with buy rating; sets target price of C$8.00

Very good stock to hold in short term. Pays decent divident of 8% now but a few months ago they used to pay around 14%. They had one time charge which forced them to cut the dividend.

Sunny said...

Thanks Ramesh for sharing. I am very happy with DGI.UN!


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