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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Banking on Sunday is now possible at TD Canada Trust

For a reason that I didn't figure out yet, most of the Canadian banks have horrible opening hours.

Need example? Scotiabank opening hours for a Montreal downtown location are from 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday. Those are not opening hours that respect customers working hours. Most people have a work schedule of 9 to 5... so for those people, it's not convenient do to their banking with Scotiabank. I would say that Scotiabank could be a better fit for senior citizens, who don't work anymore for their living. Because if you work, as any young individual of my age, younger or older, from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, there's no way to get the banking services needed from Scotiabank. those hours of operation are not respectful for the customers. Someone who's with Scotiabnak and need to take an appointment to open a credit card, credit line or other financial products basically need to take a few hours off from his/her job to be able to get the product wanted.

Being those horrible opening hours, I find there's a lot of vanity. In the sense that it's the customer who need to make the effort to fit its schedule to the bank opening hours. We are now in 2011, this shouldn't be the case anymore. I took here the example of Scotiabank, but Scotiabank is not the only bank with horrible opening hours.

BMO Bank of Montreal branches would be another example of very bad customer services. Because yes, if you cannot operated in other to fit customers need, well, that's what I personally consider as being extremely bad customer services. For a while, I was working at BMO Bank of Montreal, Montreal call center. Trust me, customer services is bad from inside out. Knowing also that BMO Bank of Montreal did not paid overtime to some employers of BMO Nesbitt Burns... Well, you know, BMO Bank of Montreal managers, and the CEO, are not looking to provide to their customers good quality services. All they want is sale sale sale. They push a lot on sale at the call center of Montreal, BMO Bank of Montreal. If mutual funds and other financial products that BMO Bank of Montreal would had been good, I would had been making plenty of sales when I was working at their call center. I am currently among the top seller where I work right now. Actually, for 2010, I was the top seller. So I know how to sell, how to present things. I know how to present a product or services that will advantage best the customer. It's all about making a sell that will advantage the customer. That's my philosophy.

Anyhow, just to say that BMO Bank of Montreal doesn't have it all. They pushed too much on sell for nothing. Would you pay 30$ per month for BMO Bank of Montreal? Common on! See that's the lack of common sense I had to tell everyday while working at BMO Bank of Montreal. BMO Bank of Montreal is not good for their employees, and their not good for their customers either. Sell come naturally when you have great product to offer to customers. BMO Bank of Montreal mutual funds are far of being among top performer. Nothing at BMO Bank of Montreal really worth it. BMO Bank of Montreal is a Quebec bank and its show by their poor management and poor caring for customers. Because if BMO Bank of Montreal would really care about customers, they would open early in the morning and late at night, they would be open on Saturday and Sunday. But it's currently not the case.

If we take per example the branch of BMO Bank of Montreal located at 670 on St Catherine West, corner University, right downtown Montreal. The opening hours for that branch are from 10am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday... this is even worst of what I saw for RBC Royal Bank. RBC bank open at 9am... And TD? 8am.

In other words: Making money make sense for BMO Bank of Montreal, but that's the only thing they really care about: make money on customers while providing them horrible opening hours. Ok, some of BMO Bank of Montreal branches are open on Saturday, but it's not enough. The vast majority of BMO Bank of Montreal branches are not open on Saturday. And Sunday? Well, forget about the Sunday... BMO Bank of Montreal employees who work at BMO branches are off on that day. What a bunch of lazy individuals! So when I was fired for no reason from BMO Bank of Montreal, I didn't worry, I wasn't going to work for a stupid administration all of my live. Since that time, I had been better than ever. So better stay away from BMO Bank of Montreal. That's how I become wealthy financially. And a big part of what I have today come because I had an awesome service from TD Canada Trust and TD Waterhouse.

Things are completely different at TD Canada Trust. I had been a TD customer since 2005. Even at that time, they were open on Saturday. Being able to rely on a bank who's willing to provide you everything you want, including very large opening hours is very great! As workers and investors, Canadians deserved a bank who can support their needs and I personally find that at TD.

It's important to give your business at a financial institution that had understood that the normal individual work from 9 to 5, from Monday to Friday. In Canada, TD Canada Trust is the only financial institution who open as early as 8am. The other institutions don't care if you have to miss some work hours to do your banking with them. They simply don't care. Among Canadian financial services, is the culture of arrogance and vanity that exist. And this is very true in Montreal. And it's very funny in a way. Quebec culture is one of corruption. I had experiment it while working at BMO Bank of Montreal, Montreal call center.

Here's the letter I got when I got laid off from BMO Bank of Montreal:

"Madame XXX,

Suite à nos récentes discussions concernant vos difficultés à fournir un rendement satisfaisant sur votre poste, nous désirons vous informer que nous sommes toujours insatisfaits de votre rendement.

Pour ces motifs, et étant toujours en période de probation, nous n'avons d'autre alternative que de vous aviser que nous mettons fin à votre emploi effectif aujourd'hui le XXX.

Vous recevrez deux semaines de salaire en guise de préavis. Votre rémunération cessera le XXX. Pour ce qui a trait à vos avantages sociaux, veuillez vous référer au document d'information ci-joint."

I had been fired without any explanations, as no explanations appear in this letter. The director was obese, very hyprocrite. She told me once that I was reserved (tu es réservée). It was always about comments to push me down. And I am not reserved by the way, I am calm. That's why I had been able to perform so well on the stock market. At BMO Bank of Montreal, I was under probation, willing to learn, and I am getting told that my performance is not good? To get the skills required time. But seem like they were not smart enough at BMO to understand that.

I had to deal with a bunch of idiots while working at BMO Bank of Montreal. One night, I asked a question to the assistant supervisor, he didn't want to help at all. And I got this customer who had been promised a cash advance. Anyhow, the money wasn't there. The situation was simple, the money needed to be add to the banking account because the customer had been promised so. A note in the account was related to the question. Of course, its not an operation that I could performed myself, so I report myself to the assistant supervisor. Than, instead of performing the operation, he became to ask me foolish questions. To what I reply why are you asking all those questions, there's a note in the account, the money is not there. what are you waiting for? To that, the assistant supervisor stupidly say: I want to understand your banking logic (je veux comprendre ta logique bancaire)... and during that time, the customer was waiting, waiting and waiting.

The assistant supervisor was a complete idiots and he was laughing on me all the time. So my direct supervisor. One day, she attack me because the customer I had online hang up. It was a different case. For the shift 6pm to 2 am, most of the time, the only floor support available was the assistant supervisor and supervisor. There was plenty of calls non stop, and they were both super busy. Most of the time, assistant supervisor was receiving call himself. All new tellers were left alone. Which I find irresponsible. As tellers, we were poorly train. I had a very good co-worker who got fired during the integration period. Another girl had worked at CIBC before, she got fired too during the integration period. fired, fired, fired. BMO Bank of Montreal hired people on a regular basis for their Montreal call center. Reason behind is a poor management. they keep hiring, firing, treat workers like animals. and the atmosphere at the BMO Bank of Montreal, Montreal call center is not good. The managers created all that pressure around sales. Very ridiculous. No one can do great sell if the good products are not there. Doesn't it seem logic to you? Do you really think I am going to sell a banking package at 30$ per month, which make no sense at all, just to make you happy? Everything I live at BMO Bank of Montreal was non sense. Other people who got laid off of BMO can also testify of the stupidity. But here, we are talking about a stupidity, the stupidity of Quebeckers. In New Brunswick, we know well about the idiots, that's why NB Power did not got sell to Quebec province. No one in my province want to deal with stupidity. As Canadians, we have to learn how to protect ourselves from the stupidity of Quebeckers. I myself prepare to leave Quebec province, that's why my portfolio is very nice at this time. i am getting ready to leave those dumb people behind forever.

I had been pushed down at BMO Bank of Montreal. i had move from Ottawa to Montreal a couple of years ago to accept a position at Lexi-tech International, now name CLS Lexi-tech in their Brossard office. I was shocked to find out that the director, a petite obese woman had her daughter working with her in the same office. Her daughter was working for the human resources in the same office as her mother. From what I was told, her daughter report herself to the Moncton (New Brunswick) office. the director had personally trained her daughter to translation, making her proofread client documents and so on. The director daughter was not very skill for human resources task, it was cleared she was there because her mother was the director of the office. And people seem to accept that. There's a lot of favoritism in Quebec. I am not for favoritism. I was happy to be working for a New Brunswick company. Lexi-tech International, now name CLS Lexi-tech was found in Moncton in the late 1980s. But my dream turn into a nightmare. Can you imagine: I had moved from Ottawa to Brossard (QC) to find myself working with hypocrites, having a thing for favoritism. Because on top of that, the Brossard office was giving a lot of work to people they knew.

Currently where I work in Montreal, I had been working there since 3 years, since my experience with Lexi-tech International, now name CLS Lexi-tech. I still waiting for my salary raise that should had been giving to me in November. That's what they do at that place: they never give the promise raise, employees leave and they keep the money in their pockets. The working place is horrible, we are working on old Dell computer "boxes" on square screens. the place is never clean. And they keep hiring, hiring, hiring, firing, firing, firing, just like BMO Bank of Montreal.

So when it come to Quebec province, don't come here. Jean Charest is Quebec leader and his corruption. Jean Charest represent well his people, who most of them are hypocrites and of a very corrupted nature. If you have foreign diplomas, in Quebec, you don't get recognize. And even as an individual, you don't get recognize. Some of my co-workers had been doctors in Haiti. Here in Quebec, those same individuals can't get better than a job in a call center. To them, I always told them to try in New Brunswick, Ontario. Education is a provincial jurisdiction. and since Quebec province is the way it is for now, I always tell to those brave people to try in another province. Even where I had been working, some people are giving higher position and they haven't been working there as long as myself. I mean, for the help of God, don't ever move to Quebec province. Don't do the same mistake I did 3 years ago.

When I think about it, being fired from BMO Bank of Montreal was a blessing. Its just show that I blow them all. Someone like me, who perform so well in life and on the stock market, well, Quebecois don't like that and are willing to do everything they can to push me down. but you push me down, I want more, I get more and I get better. I dedicate my financial success to all those idiots of Quebecois who had pushed me down. This is for you, idiots.

Ever since I got fired from BMO Bank of Montreal, my investment technique got stronger, my portfolio got hotter and dividend income, juicy. And now, I am on my way to make a living from dividend. So check me out.

And when it come to banking services, only deal with the best: TD Canada Trust. TD, as its name suggest it, is a Toronto based bank. Nothing include or involve anything related to Quebec. So you won't ever have to deal with stupidity. And remember: TD Canada Trust has been ranked Highest in customer satisfaction among the big five retail banks 5 years in a row by J.D. Power and Associates. And now, the best Canadian bank offer banking services on Sunday in more than 300 branches! This is the kind of banking services everyone need and its important to be able to benefit from it.

I prefer the word Quebeckers to Quebecois because it make them sound dumb as just they are.


Causalien said...

TD is one of my best investment decision ever. The management acted like I would have acted during the crisis.

In any case: "Someone like me, who perform so well in life and on the stock market" The attitude in this quote might interfere with the emotionless judgment necessary when dealing with the market.

Sunny said...

Hi Causalien,

Yes, TD is very great.

I see what you mean regarding you next comment. I do not attempt to trade in order to impress anyone except myself. And I do my investment in a respectful way to myself. I know my limits. I am not a compulsive buyer or seller. It's straight out in my head, but the sentence you pull out by itself suggest something else.

Thanks :)

pattirose said...

Come out West!
Alberta is booming and we are friendly here.

Sunny said...

Hi Patti Rose,

Thanks for your support, much appreciate :)


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