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Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome again Just Energy Group Inc. (JE), 300 new stocks of JE in my portfolio

Its always been my dream to hold 1 000 stocks of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). And now my dream had come true. And I even exceed the 1 000 stocks. I just purchase 300 stocks of JE at 15.66$, for an investment value of 4 698$. I think I qualify for this month dividend. I think this time I am not doing a mistake. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice, i purchased 100 shares based on your advice

Arunan said...

JE is not a bad company, but diversification in investments is very important. You may consider Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund(CGX)in your portfolio. When you or your friends watch a movie in the cineplex, you will get some portion of the money. Cineplex is planning to expand their business in Australia and New Zealand. Please do your own research before add them, but wait for Q4 results on February 10. Dervisify.. Dervisify... Dervisify, because it is your hard earning money.

Sunny said...

Hi Arunan,

You are really right, that's why I didn't get into the 1 000 stocks before. But JE is a good company that I had been holding since something 2008 or 2009. Anyhow, I assist to some very good development in the company and I am a fan of the founder Rebecca MacDonald. You can read more about MacDonald here:

At one point, my may sell a bit of stocks of JE I own, but it won't be now. As long Rebecca in, I stay! I think I qualify for this month dividend and also, be ready because really soon, Rebecca MacDonald is going to declare JE special dividend, of at least 20 cents! BOOM! MONEY! lol...

You are right with diversification, its a rule I follow. But just now, at least one time in my life, I wanted 1 000 stocks of JE. That's what its all about.

pattirose said...

Arunan: Thanks for posting about the earnings for Cineplex, I've been waiting for them, people say they may not be good and hopefully I can get a better buy in price. LIQ is another stock to consider with a nice dividend, but please do your own DD. I'm going to go checkout JE and see about the special dividend, maybe I'll buy some tommorrow.


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